Accident in a Public Place

Most people often associate an accident in a public place as being a slip on wet unmarked area with no warning sign.

However, there are so many different types of claims, here are just a few types of claims where you would be entitled to claim compensation on a no win, no fee basis with Claims Monkey.

Please choose the type of accident that best suits your recent misfortune

  • Tripping accident claimtripping-claim These accidents could happen during the day or night. If you have tripped on something that is unusually raised or has a slight dip unexpected dip then you are entitled to claim. Everyone pays taxes for the upkeep of public pavements. If it is in a shopping centre then then the owner of the building should ensure a safe environment, so again you would be entitled to claim. As a rough guideline anything with a sudden difference in height of around 2.5 centimetres is a potential claim and worth getting Claims Monkey to do the monkey work for you. Click for more info 


  • Slipping accident claim – The obvious accident that comes to mind is a slip on a smooth surface in a building like an office. However, we have successfully dealt with claims like slipping on stairs in a nightclub, slipping on smashed glass in night clubs/restaurants and toilets. If you have slipped inside a building you may have a potential claim. Click for more info


  • Falling accident claim – We have dealt with many  falling-man-holetypes of accidents involving a Fall. Accidents such as falling down a manhole, falling down damaged steps, drains without their drain covers and falling off a ride that wasn’t secure are just a few of many claims we have dealt with and helped our clients successfully gain compensation. Click for more info