Accident at Work Claim

Accidents at work can often leave you in a tricky situation. However, it is your employers responsibility to ensure you are working in a safe enviroment and they are not asking you to do something that isn’t legal or safe. If you have had an accident at work then ii will significantly help your ability to claim if you have any of the following. The more the better:

  • Statement from a witnessaccident-at-work-claim
  • Previous similar work accidents
  • Employer’s log book
  • Record of an Ambulance attending the scene
  • Record of attending the hospital during work time or after
  • Record of going to your doctors
  • Record in an accident report book
  • Pictures of the accident scene – most phones have a camera these days

Injury at work Claim

If you have had an injury at work within the last 3 years and you can recall some proof from the points above then let brief Claims Monkey on your circumstances and we will do the Monkey work as injury at work claims can be very tricky cases and require a skilled solicitor with lots of experience in this field to act on your behalf and give you the best possible chances of winning the compensation you deserve for your misfortune.