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Driving Instructor Accident Claims


driving lesson accident claimWe know it’s a lot of hassle when your involved in a
driving instructor accident claim and it’s very daunting and upsetting for the pupil. Claims Monkey has helped hundreds of driving instructors and their pupils with their claims. All taken on as No Win, No Fee cases. 100% of the compensation also goes to you.

We offer the following:

1. One to one advice with the same solicitor: Your not just a reference number to us. You will talk to the same person throughout your claim. This beats call waiting qus and talking to someone different every time.

2. We can offer you a like for like replacement dual controlled vehicle: There’s nothing worse than receiving a petrol car when you teach in a diesel. We understand it takes time for the pupils to adjust to a new car. Thats why we do our upmost to get you a like for like car.

3. Help with your losses: We will help you claim for your loss of earnings. Most companies are interested in recovering the money for your injury as that is where they earn their money from the other side.

photo copy4. Help with your injury: We have some really good physiotherapists on call to help you at no extra cost to you.

5. Maximum compensation: We are not an insurance company that you have just been referred to. So we know we need to serve you well, so if you ever require a similar service again – you will choose us. That’s why getting you the maximum compensation you deserve is important. We don’t take a penny from your compensation.

6. £200 extra when you refer someone to us: If your pupil is injured and wishes to claim then let us know and we will happily look after the claim and give you a £200 referral thank you. This offer is available to anyone you know friends and family.

7. On the spot advice at the scene of an accident: You can call the Claims Monkey team on: 07880 886119. No matter what day/time someone on call will help there and then to get it right.

driving lesson accident


Unless it’s a rear end shunt, the third party will often not admit liability straight away. Get in touch with Claims Monkey and we can use our experience and knowledge to help prove you are not at fault. We use things like google earth to an advanced level to help with driving lesson accidents to show your road position, the defendant and witnesses positions.

It doesn’t just have to be a driving lesson. It could be a lorry training accident or Mini bus training accident. We have dealt with all three scenarios and would happily welcome any other non-fault accidents whilst having a lesson on the road.


Driving instructor ‘Hiram Page’ who works for driveJohnson’s driving school in Bedford was hit from behind in a driving lesson for the first time. He called Claims Monkey at the scene of the accident and we helped him collate all the information he needed. It turned out that the the defendant that hit him denied it was them driving to their insurance. Because Hiram got photo’s of the person driving, the cars together, witnesses etc – his claim was successful for his injuries and repairs.


Cosmetic surgery claim

If you have had cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong you  may be entitled to claim.

No matter how small or large your misfortune is it’s still important you are satisfied with the result from your doctor/surgeon. The whole idea behind cosmetic surgery is to enhance your looks, if it has gone drastically wrong in your opinion then you may be entitled to claim compensation for your misfortune.

Katie Price referred to her collagen injection in 2012 saying she “Looked like a duck” this affected her wedding, honeymoon and potentially her work. She may have been entitled to claim.

Here are more examples of potential claims:

  • tanning claims
  • tattoos & tattoo removal
  • tummy tuck claims
  • waxing claims
  • hair dye claims
  • laser eye surgery claims
  • liposuction claims
  • nose surgery claims
  • permanent make-up claims