Cosmetic surgery claim

If you have had cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong you  may be entitled to claim.

No matter how small or large your misfortune is it’s still important you are satisfied with the result from your doctor/surgeon. The whole idea behind cosmetic surgery is to enhance your looks, if it has gone drastically wrong in your opinion then you may be entitled to claim compensation for your misfortune.

Katie Price referred to her collagen injection in 2012 saying she “Looked like a duck” this affected her wedding, honeymoon and potentially her work. She may have been entitled to claim.

Here are more examples of potential claims:

  • tanning claims
  • tattoos & tattoo removal
  • tummy tuck claims
  • waxing claims
  • hair dye claims
  • laser eye surgery claims
  • liposuction claims
  • nose surgery claims
  • permanent make-up claims


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