Medical Negligence Claim

medical negligence claim

For some people the misfortune of medical negligence is just suffering for months and for others they have to live with it for the rest of their lives. Often a medical expert won’t admit a mistake or even let on as this would open up a can worms every time. At Claims Monkey, we welcome every level of misfortune and we have expert solicitors that help prove the neglect on your behalf and get you the compensation you deserve.

Take a look at the extensive list of medical negligence solicitors have dealt with in the past and feel free to call us for any extra information, questions or to just get your claim going today…

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Birth Injury Claims: Injuries to the baby or the mother could mean you are entitled to claim.

Failure To Diagnose: If you think a Doctor is responsible for failure or late diagnosis.

Untreated Fractures: No diagnosis or wrong diagnosis of a fracture = more pain the necessary.

Cosmetic Surgery gone wrong claim: If you have had surgery that has gone to plan and now you have to live with it. Let us know.

Dental Surgery claims: When you put your trust in dentists and things go wrong, you are entitled to seek help and be compensated for their mistakes.

Hospital Superbugs: If you have gone into a hospital and caught a super bug then you should seek advice from us, we might be able to help you gain ££££’s for your misfortune.

Cancer Misdiagnosis: It’s a terrible disease, if you or a friend/family is mis diagnosed then you deserve sensitivity and the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Failure To Diagnose: If you believe the doctor got your diagnosis wrong, lost your blood tests or something similar then let us know and we can do the monkey work for you.

Surgery Negligence: We’ve dealt with some drastic cases like someone having the wrong hip replaced. No matter how minor/major, let us do the monkey work and get you the compensation you deserve.