Road Traffic Accident Claim


Claims Monkey specialises in road traffic accidents claims. We deal with car accident claims on a daily basis. We also deal with more specialised types of claims, heres a few:

  • Driving instructor accident
  • Taxi driver accidents
  • Taxi passenger claims
  • Bus passenger claims
  • Lorry accident claims

No matter what type of road traffic accident claim you have, just call Claims Monkey and we really will do the monkey work.

We have members of of our team that are qualified driving instructors, so when it comes to proving who is at fault, we know all the rules of the road.

google-earthWe use google earth and google maps to be precise on you the claimant, defendant and witnesses positions to give you the best possible chances of winning the compensation you deserve. Often people who have done wrong in a car accident will admit liability at the time and then change their mind later and say it was your fault. So it important you gather all the right information at the time of the accident like pictures of the cars, pictures of their positions, registration number and the other sides details like name, address, phone number and proof of ID.

Car Accident Claim

If you have had or ever have a car accident in the future, be sure to do the following:

  1. Get the vehicle registration of the vehicle/s involved straight away. 1 in 5 cars are not insured. Anyone who isn’t insured is more likely to drive off.
  2. Take pictures of all the vehicles involved in the positions of the accident if possible.
  3. Get some proof of ID from all the drivers involved. Most people carry their plastic part of their driving licence now. This will usually have their address on it too.
  4. Make sure you have their current address if it doesn’t match their licence.
  5. If there are any witnesses present, ask them for their name and number.
  6. If you sense the person/s isn’t insured, call the police straight away and try not to let them leave the scene.
  7. If they are not willing to give you any details, then call the police.
  8. If the person involved knows their policy number or insurance company name, take that too.
  9. If someone is accusing you that’s it’s your fault and you don’t think it is, don’t admit to anything with witnesses present.
  10. Call Claims Monkey with all your superb detective work and we will do all the monkey work while you recover !!