Why Us ?

Claims Monkey has the pleasure in working with some of the most hard working and reputable solicitors in the UK. No matter where your accident has taken place and no matter where you live, we have agents that basically deal with all of the paperwork side and adminstration while our chosen solicitors are left to deal with the intelligence side of things. Which means quicker results for you the client.


Anthony Johnson
Founder of Claims Monkey

“Claims Monkey is all about us taking away all the hassle, paper work and ensuring you get the best solicitor who specialises in your type of accident. All of my staff at Claims Monkey are very friendly and understanding. You are always welcome to talk to your chosen solicitor first before proceeding with your claim unlike a lot of call centres across the UK”

Anthony Johnson – Founder of Claims Monkey

5 Reasons why you should choose Claims Monkey:

1. It’s No Win, No Fee. You have nothing to lose. We will always tell you upfront if your case me incur costs, we don’t want to mislead you in anyway.

2. Quick Results. We have many clients that have received a settlement in as little as 8 weeks.

3. Money up front. depending on your case, we may be able to help you by giving you up to £1500 upfront and once your claim is settled, we will take that from your settlement figure.

4. 95% of our work comes from Recommendations.

5. We do all the Monkey work, while you recover.